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Ashley Madison Review 2023

Ashley Madison Review 2023
About Site
Active Audience 81%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 24-25
Profiles 1 800 000
Reply Rate 85%
Ease of Use 7.5
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Popularity speaks for itself
  • All premium services for Ashley Madison dating is FREE for the women users
  • Excellent customer assistance
  • Ashley Madison mobile app
  • Free registration for all- irrespective of gender
  • Advanced filters for better search and matchmaking
  • Money return satisfaction guarantee
  • Serious user base with exhaustive profiles
  • Hookups while travelling is easy
  • Messaging and emailing are privileges that come with premium membership only
  • Signing up process is long
  • Limited options for connecting with other members
  • Expensive membership cost
  • Security risks
  • Fake profiles of women into money laundering

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Ashley Madison: The Dirty Secret

Ashley Madison Review: The Spice Of A Discreet Affair

The Ashley Madison review reveals the curtain from all the dirty secrets the dating website has been the base for. One must think, what is different in this case as none of the hookup sites make clean stories. It is because of the idea that the dating platform was made around. Most dating websites are branded to give the loners a platform to get involved with women for a casual date or hookups without any baggage of commitment. But Ashley Madison is not the same. Unlike most dating platforms the Ashley Madison Review reveals that the website is for men in a committed relationship. Yes, you read that right. Ashley Madison dating means looking for an affair. A spicy little affair out of your marriage or relationship that becomes your dirty little secret and makes your boring life a little interesting in the process.

Ashley Madison online dating is one of the pioneers in the dating industry. Winning the hearts of people by fulfilling their wildest fantasies through the right people has been a business Ashley Madison has been into since 2001. And while it has been onto it, attracting more and more number of love birds into its nest Ashley Madison online dating website screwed up in 2015. Due to a massive security breach, the private information of the huge user base got laid out in the open. The mess was big because of two reasons majorly. A- the people on Ashley Madison dating online were having a secret affair out of their relationship and B- the number of users on the platform was huge.

The whole accident brought out the names of some most influential people, which may not have been great about their image. It raised the important question of how amazing the platform would be to attract these people in the first place. Although the dating website claims to have worked on their safety protocols thereafter, it is still difficult to tag Ashley Madison Review the title of 100% safe. However, Ashley Madison does look promising.

Ashley Madison Hookup: To Believe Or Not To Believe?

Ashley Madison Review: The Spice Of A Discreet Affair

The safety of dating websites is always questionable and after 2015 information leakage mishap, there is no reason to trust the platform blindly either. Although there are Ashley Madison reviews that claim the dating website safe. The safety claims are the result of the algorithm change that Ashley Madison online dating website underwent after the security breach. But, unfortunately, after going through the website, making an account and even talking to other people, we couldn’t find anything to be extremely safe. Because of Ashley Madison dating allowing women on the website at absolutely no cost, it attracts a lot of fake profile makers. Something that turns the quality of the website down to a considerable amount.

These fake account holders are credited for laundering money from the male members of Ashley Madison using their emotional heart-breaking storytelling skills. Most of the time the stories come with the hope of meeting the helper after they help. These are also the people one can’t trust with their personal information. The absence of a proper verification model for the members online on the Ashley Madison dating website, the safety remains questionable. However, the website may be trusted with personal information also because it does not ask for much, because of the assurance of the website’s new set of non-hackable algorithms. Also, the presence of a very responsive customer assistance service makes it safer than ever before.

The Interesting Mix Of Users

Ashley Madison is a very popular name and although it has become more famous after the controversy, the platform has been a hit from the very beginning. This is the reason Ashley Madison online dating website attracts a huge number of users from all over the world, men and women alike. And although the gender ratio isn’t equal, Ashley Madison dating gives women the privilege of free facilities on the website that is otherwise not free. This step acts as an encouragement to women so that they can give online dating a try. While it has worked in a certain manner, a lot of women do sign up on Ashley Madison, but it also attracts a large number of scammers. The gender distribution on Ashley Madison is extremely imbalanced. There are way too many numbers of men in comparison to the women on the website. The problem with not having proportions indicates that too many men compete for the attention of one woman.

This is why the platform emphasizes setting up detailed profiles. Interesting profiles help a lot of men stand out in the crowd allowing themselves a better chance at attracting the attention of the limited women. But while Ashley Madison review suggests that the gender distribution is a disadvantage on the website, the user distribution is not. The location list from where the members belong shows quite some variety which becomes good news for the travelers registered on the Ashley Madison mobile app or the website. Be it the UK, US, Brazil, Canada, New Zealand or anywhere, given the huge user base on Ashley Madison, you will never be disappointed.

Sexual Preferences

One of the most unique things that we came across while doing the Ashley Madison review was that it doesn’t ask for sexual preferences. It came as a shock because that is one of the most basic things that every online dating website like Ashley Madison asks for in its registration form. And despite having a very long and descriptive profile setup process that cannot be skipped it does not ask for the person’s sexual orientation. The matchmaking is based on an algorithm that can be easily turned into your favor with your behavior on the website. The algorithm on the website studies the user’s preference and likes based on the searches one makes and the profile one visits while Ashley Madison dating. This is why even though the Ashley Madison dating website doesn’t ask for a user’s sexual preferences, it keeps things open-ended to learn on its own. In general most of the users are found to be straight with men looking for women and vice-e-versa. But, it shouldn’t even be a problem if the case is different, especially for homosexual men. Considering the gender distribution on the website which is heavy on the men’s side.

The Age Mixing

Ashley Madison is a dating website known for its popularity and huge user base. A huge user base automatically refers to the variety in culture, location, tastes, preferences, and even age that Ashley Madison shows. However, our experience on the dating website brought us to the fact that despite the varied aging audience the most number of people on Ashley Madison was middle-aged. It is the age group of 35 and above that dominates the Ashley Madison hookup website and which is quite obvious given the branding of the website. Ashley Madison has branded itself to be the platform for affairs out of relationships mostly marriage, which becomes a need when the mid-life crisis hits. And that brings us to the age that is most commonly seen on Ashley Madison both in men and women.

Reviewing The Registration Process

Ashley Madison Review: The Spice Of A Discreet Affair

Ashley Madison doesn’t allow anyone to enter the website without registration. Registration on the Ashley Madison mobile or desktop website is the only annoying part of the experience. Unlike most other dating websites who have shifted to a smaller and easier registration process with an optional profile setup. The Ashley Madison online dating website still keeps both the registration and profile setup clubbed in one. This is why the registration takes more than fifteen minutes to complete successfully.

Visiting the Ashley Madison hookup website brings you to a sexy page with a few buttons. While some lead to the links of downloading Ashley Madison mobile apps, others lead the user to the login and sign up page. A new user needs to go to the signup page where he or she is required to start filling a few information in the fields given. Information required on the website varies from email id, a new password, name, gender to location and other things that one person needs to share with their potential partner.

The process is fast but free. One of the many things that one requires to put on the website is his/her photograph without skipping the step. The step is compulsory on Ashley Madison, but caring about the privacy issue some people might face, the website offers a range of filters to make the photograph unrecognizable. There are filters like blur and zorro mask that not just helps in hiding the picture but also does it adding fun. Also, although the website asks for the name, one can easily enter a nickname to hide his or her real identity from the world of Ashley Madison.

Setting Up The First Step With Profile

As we know that the registration and profile setup on Ashley Madison is clubbed together, it cannot be considered as two different steps like in other dating websites. This assures that the profiles of each member on the website is detailed and it also helps the algorithm to find a perfect match for the user. If you are worried about your personal information, considering the controversial security breach that led to the exposure of thousands of high profile members from different industries. Then, you need to take a chill pill because none of the fields in the profile setup ask for your personal information. Ashley Madison even recommends you to register with an email id that does not have your personal information for better protection. So there isn’t much to worry about while registering on Ashley Madison. It is your physical details that the website asks for that might be of interest to the other users and your tastes as well for the same reason. The one thing that becomes of utmost importance on the online dating platform is the location that one needs to provide by mentioning their zip code. Because this is the factor that the Ashley Madison hookup website uses for matchmaking.

Connecting To Start An Affair

There are not many ways a person on the Ashley Madison hookup website can use to connect or reach out to a potential partner. One can either send a message through the website chat service or send an email. That is it. There is another feature of sending a gift, that may be used to attract the other member but it certainly cannot confirm anything. There is no assurance that the person on the receiving end will show interest. Although there are unique features like sending virtual gifts, none of them come for free on Ashley Madison. It isn’t much of a shock because that’s the case with most other popular dating websites there are available on the internet today. On Ashley Madison, everything costs you credits that can be purchased via different plans which we will discuss later in the Ashley Madison review. But the rules change if you are a woman because women on Ashley Madison are the privileged ones. Everything for the female gender comes for free. Unlimited messaging, sending gifts, emails, Ashley Madison offers everything it has to offer to its users to women with open arms without a charge. However, sending the first message for men too is free but that’s about it. The free world ends right there and you are taken to the subscription page.

Platforms For Your Affairs

Ashley Madison Review: The Spice Of A Discreet Affair

Dating On The Desktop

The Ashley Madison desktop version is the classic way of finding a partner for your extramarital affair online. Since 2001, the website with simple design has been available to the millions of users of Ashley Madison right at the click of a bookmark set by many. The desktop version of the website is particularly amazing because of the screen space it gives. The screen space becomes important while setting up a long profile and exploring so many profiles of a potential match at one go. But along with space, it gives privacy to many people who want to keep their phone clean, unlike mobile apps. There is no need of keeping an app right in front of prying eyes on your computer desktop while using the desktop version of Ashley Madison.

Ashley madison reviews

The AM Mobile App Of Convenient Online Dating

The mobile app of Ashley Madison is no different than the website in terms of functions and design. While the basic look is kept the same on the app, the interface undergoes a little change to optimize it for the smartphone on which the app is being used. The app comes for free and the same login information can be used to log in to your profile. It does not ask for separate registration although allows you to make a new one. The mobile app comes with an AM logo to keep the app look discreet and nothing special, no reason to make things embarrassing for the user. The AM app has all the features there are on the platform seen otherwise on the desktop version. Users can buy credits as well only the payment on the app happens through the respective app stores. While for iOS users the payment is done through Apple’s App Store, for Android users it is Google Play being the payment platform. This is why in the case of cancellation and refunds, credits bought through the app stores cannot be cancelled on the desktop version website for the obvious reasons.

User Interface & Website Layout

The design of Ashley Madison is kept super simple to not create any complications for the users coming from different locations. And yet, the website and the app has this charm that sets the mood. The dark colors and the color shades and of course the images on the first page make you feel sexy. The simplicity of the design that keeps the focus on finding a match for a one-night hookup or even a secret affair. But the design and the user interface work together to remove the boredom out of your life and add the spice you have been looking for.

Ease Of Navigation

The design of the website layout is created in a way that navigation becomes the easiest thing on the platform. Navigation on the Ashley Madison app and website are made to look obvious and thus seamless so that the focus of the user remains on the profiles in the gallery. Also, there are not many places to go exploring on the website. While there is a gallery that shows matchmaking based on search results, there is a list of favorites that are edited by the users and then there is the chatbox. Apart from the mains remains the buying page and the profile page. But all of this is not difficult to find, neither on the desktop website nor on the app.

Ashley Madison- Subscription & Premium Membership

Ashley Madison Review: The Spice Of A Discreet Affair

The premium membership is not the same thing as we see on the other online dating platforms. The idea of buying a membership is way too different and very very expensive. Ashley Madison runs on the credit system. This means that it is not a plan that you purchase on the platform that gives you a list of services for a certain time of period. To continue enjoying the exclusive features that come with the subscription ceases to function after the expiry of the plan. This is why you are required to renew the plan which most of the time happens automatically. The system on other dating platforms is very similar to the system practiced on various OTT channels. The system is convenient and cheap as well unlike Ashley Madison where you are required to purchase a set of credits. Credits are like coins that you spend on the website. Each feature on the website like that of sending a gift or messaging a person, replying, sending a wink, everything comes at a different price. You as a user are required to pay for each of the functions you use with credits. The credit system is comparatively more expensive because it gets exhausted very easily. Also if Ashley Madison reviews are to be believed then irrespective of the package you buy a certain number of credits gets removed by the website without any reason.

Ashley Madison Pricing
Package Type Number Of Credits Price Cost/credit
Elite 1000 credits £ 229.90 £ 0.23
Classic 500 credits £ 139.90 £ 0.28
Basic 100 credits £ 49.90 £ 0.50

The pricing differs not just from country to country but also from time to time.

With & Without Credits

Considering the pricing structure on the website, it is worth considering what are the options you have with and without buying credits. We have already figured out that nothing on the website comes for free unless you are a female user. As a male user life is difficult on the website and very very expensive. To do what you are supposed to do on the website which is to have an affair, you need to communicate with people which comes at a credit cost. Also considering the competition, you might want to explore the other options to attract a woman’s attention in a unique way instead of being direct, with a virtual gift. But unfortunately, that too comes at a cost. On the other hand, if we consider the things that we get for free then it’s the registration, profile set up, search filters and search results, and profile viewing facility. There is another interesting feature that comes for free is the wink, its similar showing interest or liking, but that’s it. You even need credits to see a profile photo without all the filters applied to them. Credits are required at every step you take on the hookup platform and thus are considered essential on the Ashley Madison.

How To Purchase Credits

Ashley Madison Review: The Spice Of A Discreet Affair

As a user on the Ashley Madison website, all you need to do is navigate to the purchase credits page and find out the different packages available. Choose the one that suits your requirements the best and remember to check the number of credits each service asks for before buying. While the live chats come at a cost, there are additional hourly rates attached to it. And apart from all other features, there is this pack activation and cancellation fee that gets deducted from your purchased credits alone. So, you will not know when your credit pack got over out of thin air. Once decided, select the package and continue with the prompts to pay with a suitable payment method and receive your purchased credits to your profile.

Available Payment Methods

A member of the Ashley Madison platform can use one of the various payment methods available for purchasing credits from the website or app. One can use a credit card or PayPal account for completing the purchase process on the website. On the Ashley Madison mobile app, the process takes place through the app store which offers the same payment avenues as well but may additionally accept a few wallets.

Are You Safe?

Ashley Madison Review: The Spice Of A Discreet Affair

After the 2015 security breach safety is a very big concern on Ashley Madison. Although it claims to have made a lot of changes to assure no breach of privacy protection, there is nothing that gains your trust on the website. There is absolutely no process of moderating the profiles or adding a verification system, unlike most other dating platforms. This results in a huge number of fake profiles on the platform that in turn feeds the money laundering activities. However, because of the zero verification process, you are not required to fill in your real information either. But the information that you share with the users on a personal chat is not something the website takes the responsibility of. But that is the case with all other dating platforms as well.

Real & Legit Or Fake & Scam?

The website offers safe transactions and doesn’t even steal any information from your devices which makes Ashley Madison a legit platform for having extramarital affairs. But, the users on the website cannot be trusted fully as there is no verification process or moderation done by the team of Ashley Madison. And thus while the website can be tagged legit the users may be a scam. Being careful is always recommended.

The Unique Features Of AM

Ashley Madison Review: The Spice Of A Discreet Affair


  • Credit Card Bills- Your purchase is listed as online services instead of the name Ashley Madison on the bill.
  • Photos- If you are not comfortable sharing your photograph which is compulsory on the website, you may choose to hide it with filters.
  • No Social Media Link- Protects your real identity from security breaches.

Prioritizing Profile This takes your profile high up on the search result giving you a better chance to find a hookup partner. Wink Unique and free way to tell someone that you are interested in them. Traveler This allows you to find a person and set a date before reaching a destination while traveling. Favorite List Create the list of the best 100 people you would like to talk to free of cost by adding them to your favorite list for quick access. Inbox You can set priority to selected people whom you are interested in, removing all the distractions.

Final Words

Ashley Madison Review: The Spice Of A Discreet Affair

Although a very popular name in the online dating industry, the controversy surrounding it doesn’t allow it a good image. With security issues and no moderation, the identity & motive of the users on Ashley Madison remain questionable. The prices are not very comfortable either. However, features for the travelers and the undying craze for the platform has a different story to tell and surely in favor of Ashley Madison.

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