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Badoo Review 2022

Badoo Review 2022
About Site
Active Audience 76%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 18-35
Profiles 474 052 000
Reply Rate 95%
Ease of Use 6
Popularity 9.6
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Badoo online hookup website is related to a social media website and it features nice visuals
  • It offers amazing, extensive features, it reveals where and when users found a user IRL
  • There is a strict profile verification process to make sure people who register are real
  • Users can come up with a detailed profile
  • Badoo has a clear and simple to use interface
  • Vigilant photo moderators
  • There is no other way of matching users apart from using location
  • Most features on the Badoo website are only accessible after paying
  • Anonymous chatting is not possible always. It relies on when the other people are online

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What Is Badoo Website All About?

In this Badoo review, you will learn about Badoo dating website which was created fourteen years ago by a Russian. This platform became popular using Facebook activities like quizzes. It later became a standalone site in 2012. The goal of the Badoo online hookup platform is to stand out from all other platforms that offer dating services. This platform calls itself a social media network that focuses on dating. Keep reading this Badoo review to know what services are available.

What Is Badoo Website All About

Is Badoo a Legit Platform?

Badoo online hookup site is a safe place to find a match. The profiles at Badoo site get verified using photos and contact numbers or through connecting to a social media platform like Facebook. And to ensure more safety, Badoo users can set their profiles to only receive messages from verified accounts. But not all the people that register on Badoo site are legit. Because of this, Badoo users need to take certain precautions.

They include:

  • Chatting with people whose profiles are verified. Knowing that the Badoo dating website requires people to verify their profiles can prevent fake people from joining the site. There is no reason why a person can have a Badoo account and fail to have it verified if he or she genuinely needs to use the site.
  • After registering, change your privacy settings This entails ensuring that your settings are in line with what you like and what you are comfortable with. Badoo app just like all other dating platforms makes it easy for people to get a match. So, changing the settings to what you are happy with will keep you safe.
  • Do not share your private or financial details with people you meet on the website If you find a user who is asking for your private details such as credit card number, address or social security number, avoid him/her. Even on your Badoo profile, do not reveal anything related to your identity. You can only share things like your phone number when you are ready to meet your match in person.
  • Report suspicious members These include people who ask for private information. Others might send you threats or act questionably. All these should be reported to prevent them from doing that to other users on Badoo.
  • Be careful when choosing to meet people in person If you have found your match on the Badoo website, do not go straight to meeting them in person. Take your time and see if they are trustworthy or not. And if you decide to meet them, do not meet at a private place. Meet at a public place, in case things go wrong, there will be people to prevent you from getting hurt.
The Users at Badoo Site

The Users at Badoo Site

Badoo website has over twelve million users from America. Each day, there are three hundred thousand logins on this platform. Most of the users are young adults. Also, many of the users reside in European nations. Badoo app is highly recommended for young people. Most of Badoo website members are searching for hookups and casual relationships. This platform is many at times compared to Tinder but it has a good number of users who are above thirty-five years old. The older people found on the Badoo online dating platform are mostly interested in serious partners who they can have a long-term relationship with. Because of this, older users are likely not to benefit from Badoo since it has more of the young users who are not looking for serious commitments.

Sexual Orientation on Badoo Website

Sexual orientation refers to the pattern of sexual feelings to people of the opposite gender, the same gender and even more than one gender.

The categories are as below:

  1. Heterosexual: This is whereby people get attracted to people of their opposite gender.
  2. Bisexual: This whereby people are attracted to either males or females.
  3. Homosexual: This is whereby people are attracted to people of their gender.

Sexual orientation to most individuals becomes clear when they reach the adolescence stage or when they enter adulthood. This mostly happens when a person does not have any sexual experience. For instance, homosexuals start discovering that they have feelings for people of their gender. But it is also possible to fantasize about people of your gender without having any sexual feelings or being bisexual or homosexual. It is important to also note that sexual orientation comes naturally. It is not possible to change it. Most individuals who are bisexual or homosexual often hide their feelings or live as heterosexuals to prevent prejudice against individuals that are bisexual and homosexual. They may even do that to prevent their moral dilemmas whenever their orientation is not similar to what they believe in. There are dating platforms dedicated to gays and lesbians. But as seen from Badoo review, it is possible to find heterosexuals, bisexuals, and homosexuals at the Badoo website.

Badoo Users Age

Badoo Users Age

Most users at the Badoo website are from 18 to 34 years old. The number of males who fall under this age bracket is higher than that of females. The next age bracket with many users on Badoo website is between 35 and 44. Here again, there are fewer females than men. The number of males who are between 45 and 54 years is also higher than that of women in the same age bracket. Badoo website also has people who are over 55 years old. The number of women above this age is also lower than that of men. The men on Badoo website make up for sixty percent of the population.

Becoming a Member at Badoo Website

To register at the Badoo website, users’ basic details are needed.

  • The members are also supposed to link their social media accounts or go through a phone verification process.
  • Badoo members who have been verified receive a blue mark on their accounts, it is found at the lower section of their display photo.
  • Signing up at Badoo website requires people to provide their name, date of birth, location, sex and what they are interested in (communicating, dates or friendship).
  • Users must also post their pictures, but this may be skipped and be done later after registering.
Becoming a Member at Badoo Website

After providing all the required information, a user gets a link for verifying his/her Badoo account. The moment a user’s email is verified, he/she will be able to start using the site. Badoo site does not need users to undergo a personality check like most dating platforms. Once a user enters the side, the profile dashboard appears. If you want to enjoy the Badoo website to the fullest, you will need to get verified. That email verification gotten after registering is one of the verification steps. Users are supposed to connect their Badoo account to their social media accounts. They may also use their phones to confirm their identity.

The users who do not get verified can still use Badoo website but they will not be able to access most of the features. Once a person gets verified, a blue mark appears below his/her display photo. Using the Badoo website does not require users to make payments. So, the members can see other users’ profiles and photos. But once a user gets to the dashboard after registering, there are some activities that he/she will not be able to do. They include boosting popularity, buying coins and playing games. Users are supposed to upload a photo of themselves first to be able to do those activities. And new users at Badoo website are advised not to share their pictures if they want to analyze the website first. But bear in mind that you will have little access when you have not uploaded even a single photo of yourself. Also, users’ pictures might get flagged. If this happens you are supposed to prove that you are the one. The process for verifying photos at the Badoo website is very strict. If you don’t pass this process, it will not be possible for you to use Badoo dating website.

To many users, the Badoo verification process looks easy. The site gives users a sample picture of a man and a woman in some poses. What the users are supposed to do with the sample pictures is to take photos of themselves posing the same way as in the samples. After doing that, the users are required to send the photos to Badoo officials. If Badoo confirms that you are the one, you will be allowed to start using the website. But if you are new to the website and want to see how it works without making any commitment, sharing your photo can seem like a big step ahead.

Building a Profile

Building a Profile

The profiles at Badoo website are not so detailed like in most dating platforms. Badoo review reveals that there are no questions to answer and neither do users undergo a personality check like in most dating sites. Users are required to select their interest from a big list. You cannot know what a person’s thoughts are regarding certain topics like politics, religion and so on. To make users share nice photos and provide more information in their profiles, Badoo gives the users scores. Those users who have a high score are the ones who appear most to other people. To qualify to get profile ratings, people are supposed to share a minimum of three pictures. The users who see other people’s pictures using Encounters may rate their profiles.

The scores of Badoo profiles are supposed to show the likeability of a person. But still, this is not sufficient because it is just based on appearance. And even if the Badoo website uses a serious verifying procedure, it is still possible to find fake users. You can find a Badoo review online that talks about this. For instance, within less than three minutes after registering, you may start getting messages. That raises suspicions since your account is still new without any photos or any details about you. Badoo allows premium users to contact users who have just registered but again, why will a serious user contact someone who has not shared any photos or any information about themselves? As per demographics, the ration of men to women in 2009 used to be seventy/thirty, the men were the most. Lately, these numbers have changed, the website now has more women than men. But most of the women’s profiles are fake. Bear in mind that Badoo sets profiles allowing non-users to see them. So, the women users are many on the platform simply to lure men to register and find women.

Communicating With Other Users

Badoo dating website is free implying that sending messages to other users is possible. You do not need to be a premium user to send the person you are interested in a message. But for users to qualify to communicate with people, they have to post their pictures. Having a picture qualifies users to interact with other people on Badoo platform. However, when people are going to communicate with a person they have not been matched with, they will only be allowed to send a maximum of 2 messages. You will only be allowed to send more messages if that person responds. Users may set their Badoo accounts to get alerts via browser or email whenever people send the texts. When you meet someone that looks attractive, you may go ahead and add him/her to your favorites list. And should you suspect that someone is up to something inappropriate, you can decide to block them.

How Badoo Services Are Accessed

How Badoo Services Are Accessed

Desktop version

The website may be used both on desktop machines and on portable devices. Desktop The PC/laptop machine version of the Badoo hookup platform is not up to date. That’s often so because the owners focus more on their app version. Since the aim of their service is to get users their perfect match, using mobile devices seems much easier. With mobile devices, people can find friends, flings, dates and more from wherever they are.

Mobile version

The layout of the profile on the Badoo desktop version is also not as nice as in the mobile version. Besides that, the number of activities that people can do on the desktop version is less than those on the mobile app.

  • Badoo mobile app is properly-organized, simple to use and it looks attractive.
  • The app is friendly and interactive. There are more features on the app than on the desktop site.
  • There are location proximity matches on the app.
  • There are chat features and a special feature known as Bumped into.
  • Users can encounter common issues like not being able to sign in.
  • Badoo app can be downloaded on the Play Store or App Store.

The Layout and Usability of the Website Badoo platform calls itself a social media site. The design of this platform is the same as that of social media sites such as Facebook. But its design it’s a bit different. For instance, the profile dashboard is somehow congested and its design is very simple. When other people look at your profile, it looks a bit better than how you see it from your end. When it comes to accessing Badoo platform, logging in is very simple and fast. Users just have to press a button once to access this platform. Using a sidebar menu, users can access many Badoo features by just clicking. Other features may get accessed on the main section, you might miss a few of them because the site has a simple layout. Another thing about Badoo website is that there are no attractive colors or fonts.

Mobile version

Most users who have written their Badoo review say that it is easy to navigate through the Badoo website. This app has up to date features. Users can use it to find people near them and finding a match is done through swiping. Besides, Badoo site looks so attractive, users will enjoy using it. Its main fields include Encounters, featured users, live feature and the messaging feature. The live feature at Badoo website allows users to stream videos live. Anyone using the website can view the live videos. The viewers can reward the people streaming the videos and those rewards help in increasing user’s popularity on the site.

Badoo Charges

The charges for one month are 12.99 dollars.

If you choose the three months subscription, you will pay 31.66 dollars. This is equivalent to 10.66 dollars per month.

If you choose the six months subscription, you will pay 47.99 dollars. This is equivalent to 8 dollars per month.

Badoo Charges

Badoo website credits

To get one hundred credits, you are supposed to pay 0.03 dollars per credit. The total becomes 2.99 dollars. To get five hundred and fifty credits, you are supposed to pay 0.02 dollars per credit. The total becomes 9.99 dollars.

To get one thousand two hundred and fifty credits, you are supposed to pay 0.02 dollars per credit. The total becomes 19.99 dollars.

To get two thousand seven hundred and fifty credits, you are supposed to pay 0.01 dollars per credit. The total becomes 39.99 dollars.

Free members at Badoo website enjoy the following:

  • Using searching filters. Browsing the pages of other users.
  • Sending texts to individuals on paid membership.
  • Basic message services and fast flirting.
  • Having a live stream on the platform’s live section.
  • Writing comments on the live videos.
  • Seeing the people that check out your profile.
  • Utilizing the lookalike searching option.
  • Verifying the profile.

Features that premium users enjoy include:

  • Seeing people who like you.
  • Highlighting messages.
  • Viewing the people who add you to their list of favorites.
  • Undoing the votes on Encounters.
  • Browsing Badoo platform without getting noticed.
  • Communicating with newly-registered users.
  • Becoming featured users.
  • Sending notifications.
  • Increasing popularity.
  • Giving presents.
  • Activating stickers.
Methods of Making Payment

Methods of Making Payment

There are a few ways of making payment on Badoo website. Payment Options Payments at Badoo website can be made through:

  • PayPal
  • Credit Card
  • Mobile Phone.

Safety and Security Measures

Badoo online platform has the best security measures in place to keep the users safe. Your personal information on this site cannot be lost, misused or tampered with. They achieve this by using various security measures, among them is a firewall and keeping users’ data in secured servers.

Is Badoo a Scam

Badoo dating website is completely trustworthy, this can be confirmed by any Badoo review posted online. This is a safe place to find a partner, its only drawback is that you will need to pay to access most of the features.

Special Features That Users Will Love

Being a social media platform and a dating platform as well, Badoo website offers various games and special features that are not found in other platforms that offer similar services. The only discouraging thing on the Badoo website is that it is only suitable for users who are after temporary relationships. The site matches users as per their physical appearance, they do not consider interests, personality or anything else.

Special Features That Users Will Love

The features include:

  1. Encounters This Badoo feature enables users to get a match faster. It is a game that displays one person at a time. When a user is displayed, you will see his/her photo including details like name, age and the things you have in common. If you like the person displayed, you should press the heart symbol. If you don’t like the person, you are supposed to use the X symbol. This is a quick and simple way of finding a match. You can even filter the people during Encounters. For instance, you can filter to see only men or people who are of certain ages only.
  2. Profile score This Badoo feature gives users a chance to rate other users’ photos. Users who get high scores will have their profiles seen more.
  3. Lookalikes If a certain user’s looks are attractive to you, it is possible to look for other users who look like him/her using Badoo Lookalikes feature.
  4. Visits With this Badoo feature, users can see the people that checked out their profile.
  5. Likes Badoo website users can receive browser alerts or emails whenever a person likes their profile.
  6. Favorites Badoo website users can add the people they like into their favorites list. It is possible to also view the people who have added you to their favorites.
  7. Profile features and games Besides Badoo Encounters, there are other games on the site. Lookalikes: With pictures, Badoo online dating website can tell the users that resemble you. This is why users can find people who resemble the people they find attractive on the site. Gifts: Badoo website users can buy gifts for other people on the site. Also, with credits, users can send emojis to get other users’ attention.
Methods of Making Payment


As seen from this Badoo review, the website is a good place for users to connect with people they find attractive. Through Badoo Encounters, the process of finding a match becomes easier and faster. Also, the Live feature on the Badoo online dating website allows more casual activities for the users. But Badoo website is not recommended for people who are looking to find someone to settle down with. This is because matching is done through looks only. People’s views and opinions are not considered at all. Users can even specify their interests and there are places where they can say something about themselves but these sections are not mandatory. This is why you will find that most profiles on the Badoo website have little information. So, a person looking for someone to settle down with will not get enough information to determine the right match. This makes the Badoo online dating website only suitable for young people who are looking to have fun or have casual relationships.

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