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Bumble Review 2022

Bumble Review 2022
About Site
Active Audience 72%
Quality Matches 94%
Popular Age 20-30
Profiles 3 000 000
Reply Rate 93%
Ease of Use 6.1
Popularity 9.0
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Bumble interactions are initiated by females only. The males will only be talking to ladies who like them
  • Bumble online dating site has a BFF mode that allows people to begin friendships, casual dating or more
  • Females are not encountering any unnecessary chats because they will just get messages from the men who they have contacted first
  • The ratio of males to females on the Bumble dating site is nearly the same
  • Registering is easy, users’ bio is just three hundred characters long and most of the profile information is gotten from Facebook
  • Bumble profiles focus more on visuals. People are not able to show their personality in things apart from in pictures
  • The females only have twenty-four hours to start a conversation with a man. If a man does not get any message within that time, the connection will be lost for good

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What Does Bumble Offer People?

In the Bumble review, you will learn about the Bumble match-making platform that was created in 2014. A person who used to work in Tinder was the one who created it. This is why you will find from this Bumble review that both Bumble and Tinder have certain similarities. The only major difference is the Bumble is controlled by females. The moment users get matched, the females are the ones who send men messages first and they men respond if they feel like.

Is Bumble Site Legit?

Bumble dating website is legit. According to every Bumble review people post, this site attracts so most individuals. Anyone may use it for various dating motives. The newly-registered users’ numbers here keeps growing every time. And since even the Bumble unpaid version is fully operational and there are so many activities on this site, people like spending most of their time there. Bumble is a nice hookup platform that people should try.

Bumble Website Users

Bumble Website Users

  • Bumble review shows that the platform has more than six million global visitors each month.
  • From America alone, there are three million visitors each month.
  • Many of the registered users are between the twenties to thirties.
  • The ration of males to females is nearly the same.

Since the Bumble platform puts the females in charge, it is shocking to find that the ratio of male to female is nearly the same. Many of the users are young people. But females get additional privileges at the Bumble app. But the many are still slightly more than women. Most of the users are looking for dates, relationships, social networks, and friendships.

Sexual Orientation at the Site

This refers to people’s sexual feelings. Most people are attracted to people of the opposite sex and others are attracted to same-sex people. Bumble online platform welcomes all kinds of users. So, if you are a homosexual, you can still join the website.

The Age of the Users

Most females at the Bumble website are between eighteen and thirty-four years old. The number of men who are within this age bracket is more compared to that of females. The other age bracket found on the Bumble website is between thirty-five and forty-four. Here again, the females are fewer than men. The number of men and women who are between forty-five and fifty-four years is equal. Bumble website also has users who are above fifty-five years old. The number of females who are above this age is more than that of males.

Online Registering and Login Activity

Online Registering and Login Activity

  • Signing up at the Bumble website may be done through mobile phone contact or a Facebook account.
  • New users will not be asked to share their private details, those details can be gotten from Facebook.
  • The Bumble singing up process takes at most two minutes.
  • The moment a user links his/her Facebook account, suggested matches start showing.
  • The entire Bumble signing up activity is simple.

Joining the Bumble website is simpler when users are already registered on Facebook. They will never require you to give any details because Bumble can collect them from Facebook. You can only register with a Facebook account or a phone contact. Bumble users will also be required to indicate where they live, this is set on the phone’s location settings. It is necessary to provide your location because that is what the Bumble site will use to find matches who reside close to you. Users should additionally upload their display pictures to complete the sign-up stage. Generally, registering at Bumble up is smooth and simple. Also, since users have connected their Facebook account, they will not need to log in every time they need to access this platform. You will only need to log in if you had logged out. And should this happen, users just require to click on logging in with Facebook and you can get logged in immediately.

Building User Profiles

Building User Profiles

  • All profiles at Bumble website may get viewed by every user, both those on the free membership and paid membership.
  • Every picture you post on the profile is public.
  • All details contained in the profile are also public.
  • Users can report fake users.
  • Bumble app gets user details from Facebook. It, however, does not verify the legitimacy of any Facebook account used.
  • Bumble profiles have little information and this information can get edited later if an individual wish to.
  • All display pictures are also public.

Profiles at the Bumble hookup website are accessed for free. The profiles contain pictures and other details about the users. These details are the ones that help people know whether the person will be a match or not. All user details on the Bumble website are obtained from Facebook. If you register using a communication contact, you will need to provide your details manually. Bumble dating website additionally features the About Me field. The users have to write something about themselves for up to three hundred characters. The space is so small to grab someone’s attention so users should be creative. There is also a section for replying 3 prompts known as Move Makers. Each of them has one hundred and twenty characters only. They are about topics like your best travel and who your superpower is. Everyone who has shared their Bumble review online says that the profiles are the best place to begin if you want to meet someone to date.


The females are the ones who initiate communications at Bumble app. The interface for this app resembles that of Tinder. People are given several matches, if you are interested in a person, you should swipe right if not, swipe left. And if the person who you are interested in also swipes right, a match will be made. From here, a lady has one day to send a message to a man if she likes him. And after getting a message, the man also has one day to reply. If the reply comes, the two can go on communicating from there. In the case of platonic or same-gender relationships, anyone can initiate the conversation. The one-day reply time-frame is also applicable here.

The Dating Platform

The Dating Platform

Bumble has both the desktop and mobile app versions.

Desktop Version

Bumble desktop site has had many users so far and the number keeps going up. On average, there are over four hundred visits each month. Also, searches using the keyword Bumble are more than thirty-five percent.

Mobile App Version

Bumble mobile app has 3.7 stars out of five stars on Play Store. This rating was gotten from more than thirty-seven thousand people. The Bumble app also has the #6 under the American lifestyle apps and #3 in the same group in Canada. When it comes to iOS, the app has four stars and this was gotten from more than eleven thousand votes. It has also been ranked #1 for App Store when searching the word Dating Apps.

The Design of the Site

Bumble app has a beautiful design. The colors used are beautiful and they are not too shiny. The layout is simplified and user-friendly. All features on the Bumble app can be accessed by tapping once. Navigating through the site is also easy even for people who are new to a dating platform. Another outstanding thing about the Bumble app is that most of its features are fun. There are many options for people. You can use the app to get a serious partner and you are also free to make friends. This is an all-rounded social networking tool.

How to Navigate Through the Website

It is simple to navigate through the Bumble website. If you are interested in someone, you only need to swipe right and if you are not, just swipe left. If 2 users like each other, a match is formed. After this, a lady has one day to send the man a message. If a woman fails to send the message within twenty-four hours, this connection will disappear for good. Connections in the Bumble website are colored. Red represents an expired connection and green represents BFF connections. The males have a chance to extend 1 match each day for another twenty-four hours hoping the lady will start the chat. The design of the Bumble website gives females more control over their experience in getting a match. But this also makes females do a lot of work than what they would have done in other online dating platforms. For the males, there is no wasting time anymore in trying to get a nice way of introducing themselves to women. This also means men here will never have to deal with rejection or sending texts without getting any reply. But this again lowers the amount of control the males have over their match finding experience.

Bumble Charges

Bumble Charges

You can use the Bumble dating website for free or you can upgrade to the premium membership to access more features.

Bumble dating app can be used without making any payment. But the number of features but free users enjoy are few. They include:

  • Signing up.
  • Receiving match suggestions.
  • Chatting with other users.
  • 1 re-match which expires after twenty-four hours.
  • Free app download.

To be able to access more features, a user needs to pay. The price starts at 8.99 dollars per week. With this amount, users can upgrade their accounts to Bumble Boost. Here they will get access to 3 amazing features. They are: 1. BeeLine: This is a feature that can make the little monthly charges worth it. With it, Bumble users view profiles of ladies who have shown interest in them, this implies that a match is obvious. This saves many too much swiping time. 2. Rematch: With this feature, users can reconnect with previous matches for an additional twenty-four hours. 3. Busybee: This feature lets users to extend the twenty-four-hour matching duration. Other features that premium users enjoy are:

  • Twenty-four hours extended connections.
  • Re-matching of connections that had expired.
  • SuperSwipe.
  • Seeing users that showed interest in them.

The cost of Bumble Boost is determined by the duration of the subscription. Users are given a discount when they purchase the three or six months subscription.

Making Payment

There are several methods used to make payment at the Bumble dating website.

The Methods of Paying

Payment at Bumble dating website can be made using PayPal, Credit Cards and Mobile Phones.

Safety and Security Measures

Safety and Security Measures

The privacy policy at Bumble app states that they utilize cookies and various website techniques, for instance, CAPTCHAS to keep users safe. Further, it reveals that they utilize the best safety measures like the firewall to protect the privacy of users’ l details.

Is This Site a Scam?

Bumble dating website is not a scam, this can be confirmed from every Bumble review posted online. Most people have found what they want from this site. Also, the site has an option to report bad users, these are people who could be up to things that are not related to online dating.

Special Features at the Site

Special Features at the Site

Bumble app is a free dating service but people can pay to enjoy certain perks. These perks bring them added visibility and popularity on the site. They include: BFF This Bumble feature is suitable for those who are not looking for romantic relationships. So, if you are just looking for friends, you can turn to the BFF mode. There you will meet like-minded people to interact with. Bizz This Bumble feature is suitable for people who are after business relationships. This is just like the dating site version of LinkedIn. With this feature, you can get individuals interested in funding your business, people to hire, get network connections, learn something new and so forth.

SuperSwipe This Bumble feature is suitable for users who want to prove that they are interested in someone. This feature is purchased with Bumble coins. It is the same as the usual swiping right, the only difference is that the other user will receive a notification you bought the feature to make them notice you. If you can spend money to get someone to talk to you, that means you truly like that person. Hive Often, the Bumble app sponsors actual events in Hive form. This event is for all users, they use their profile as the entrance ticket. Hive is a chance for people to meet others, make friends, flirt and date. Even those who are into business connections may use this event to get associates, investors and more. Bumble Hive event additionally has symposiums and meetings led by experienced speakers on certain topics, for instance, growing careers or pitching ideas well. BeeHive This is a blog for the Bumble app. It is the perfect place to find all the information about dating. You will find information about making a profile appealing, app updates, news, Bumble review and everything else that can keep users up to date. Backtrack With this feature, users can recover accidental swipes. It is gotten through getting the premium membership.



As seen from this Bumble review, this is an app that empowers females. Its logic is awesome giving ladies a chance to approach men first. This keeps them from getting attention from men who they are not interested in. but even if ladies are in control, there is no sufficient information to enable them to make the best decision. The profiles on Bumble app contain little information, it is difficult to distinguish between the good and bad users. Also, Bumble app is driven by looks. This makes it perfect for individuals who are interested in hooking up or temporary dates. If you want a serious relationship, the Bumble app won’t be efficient.

What Does Bumble Offer People?

In the Bumble review, you will learn about the Bumble match-making platform that was created in 2014. A person who used to work in Tinder was the one who created it. This is why you will find from this Bumble review that both Bumble and Tinder have certain similarities. The only major difference is the Bumble is controlled by females. The moment users get matched, the females are the ones who send men messages first and they men respond if they feel like.

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