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Eharmony Review 2022

Eharmony Review 2022
About Site
Active Audience 54%
Quality Matches 89%
Popular Age 25-35
Profiles 30 000 000
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 8.3
Popularity 9.1
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Twenty-nine dimensions of like-mindedness matching process. It is supported by fifteen years of data
  • A fully-customized customer experience ranges from the insights at the dashboard to what people see on the eHarmony website
  • Guided communication. It enables people to discover details about other users
  • Video is not included on the eHarmony website
  • Few compatibilities thus making your searching process long
  • Quite expensive than most dating platforms that offer similar services

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What Eharmony Website Does

eHarmony is an online platform for dating that was established in 2000. In the eHarmony Review, you will learn how the site enables people to get the right match. The website has a system that narrows down matches to those who are likely to be the right option. Keep reading this eHarmony Review and see how the platform works towards getting love and long-lasting lovers for people all over the globe.

Is Eharmony Dating Platform Legit or It Is a Scam?

eHarmony online site is legit. This platform receives so many visits each month, and there are over thirty million users around the globe. As per every eHarmony Review, the high number of people is brought about by eHarmony trustworthiness, reliability, and legitimacy.

Users at the Website

Users at the Website

There are twenty-nine million people from America. There are sixteen million active users every week. According to the eHarmony Review, each day, there will be a diverse group of matches on the eHarmony website. It is a pioneer dating platform, and so, there are many users, nearly sixty-six million. These users are from more than two hundred nations around the globe. People registered at eHarmony are nearly identically split between males and women. The number of men is just six percent more than that of females. Under gender distribution, most users are between twenty-five and thirty-four years. All members that register here are interested in long-term commitment. For anyone wanting a life-time pa

rtner, then eHarmony is the perfect online match-making platform to use. Most singles on the platform are at the point of their lives where they desire to start a family. So, you will meet singles who wish to settle down before it’s too late.

Sexual Orientation before Relationships

It is about what people are attracted to. It involves the sexual feelings of people and the sense of identity. Such is not always seen from how a person looks or behaves. Some humans may feel something for people of the same gender but might choose to keep it a secret. According to eHarmony Review, the website allows individuals that are attracted to the opposite sex only.

How Old Registered Individuals Are

Most singles registered at the eHarmony dating website are between twenty-five to thirty-four years old. The number of females in this age bracket is slightly more compared to the men. It is followed by the ones aged between thirty-five to forty-four years. Again, in this age bracket, the number of women is slightly more compared to the men. The third age bracket with many users is between forty-five to fifty-four. Here the number of women again is somewhat above that of the men. The age bracket with few people at the eHarmony website is Eighteen to twenty-four and fifty-five plus. Under these two age brackets, the number of men is slightly above that of the females.

Registering and Accessing Features

eHarmony features a lengthy registering procedure; however, it has proven to be worthy of it. Anyone new to this website is supposed to choose his/her sexual orientation and likes. It can be a male or a female looking for male or female. You must also provide a name and zip code. New users also require having an email and a password to sign up. What follows next is several questions. The eHarmony questions check a few necessary details. They include birth dates, where an individual is located. It also takes people through a character check. Users respond to questions on a seven-point scale. That ranges from Definitely not to Very Well for phrases that describe an individual. As users continue with this section, the eHarmony website displays a progress bar, where people can see how far they are. Some encouraging words will be shared to encourage people to finish the test. The eHarmony questionnaire aims to collect details about a person’s beliefs about himself. It encompasses things like: Lifestyle, needs, expertise, present state of mind, what you value in dating, physical looks, desires, and even general details. The general information includes information about work, earning, and the things you need from matches. In the last section, there are some open-ended questions. These questions require people to go deeper into things like lifestyle, what they like, and even get to upload a profile photo. Once you complete the questionnaire, this is after between thirty and forty-five minutes, depending on how long you spend on each question, you will enter the website. Once you enter the eHarmony online platform, the first thing that will appear in a few matches. Logging into the eHarmony website is very simple. A user is only required to provide an email address and a password.

Creating a Profile

eHarmony website profiles are created meticulously. Users need to think, and it takes some time. If you are only interested in chatting and having a casual relationship, there is no need to proceed to create an account at the eHarmony website. You should instead go to other dating platforms where users are not interested in serious relationships. But if you want to find a serious person who you can start a family with, the eHarmony site is the perfect place to be. Users at eHarmony build a personality profile. It is a profile that contains a lot of information. The information includes the name of the person and the kind of relationship he/she is interested in. More profile details include natural looks, personal characteristics such as religion, words that describe a person’s character, for example, “a great footballer, always jovial and more.” In your profile, you must also indicate what you want from your partner, the things you like, your opinions, and more. And if you get the premium eHarmony membership, you will have the premium personality profile feature. It is an extension of your free membership profile, allowing users to add fifteen more personality aspects. The cost of this feature is 19.95 dollars. This amount covers the entire subscription duration. The duration of the subscription may be one, three, six, or twelve months.

Communicating With Others

Features for messaging at eHarmony website are limited, but people are still able to meet their perfect matches. Communication takes place through sending messages, and this is available to premium users alone. If you are on free eHarmony membership, you can still send messages but only in sending five favorite automatic questions. The person you send these messages may choose to reply or ignore. The standard users can’t also send private messages or respond to the messages they get. What they can only do is send winks and create a list of favorites. Sending messages at the eHarmony hookup platform is done by just typing the message and hitting the send button, just like in all other dating platforms. The other more interactive way of messaging is referred to as guided communication. It is where eHarmony website users are allowed to send several questions to people. When you submit the questions, you will get replies and the questions those people have for you. You can send deal-breakers and get the same back to from the people you sent to. From here, you may proceed to detailed questions about yourselves. This type of messaging initiates interactions at the eHarmony website. It avoids ending up with open-ended questions and too much blinking. Also, it takes so much time, but it is the right way of getting to know people better. And this guided form of messaging may come to an end whenever a person wants, and you can switch to usual messaging if you wish.

How to Access the Dating Platform

eHarmony has both the desktop website and mobile app versions.

Desktop Version

With your computer, you can access the eHarmony website via a browser, and you don’t need to download anything. The site has a simple interface, and all the necessary features to find a perfect match. Once you load the eHarmony website, you will be prompted to sign up. Signing up gives you access to a few website features. To enjoy more features, you will need to pay.

Mobile App Version

There is an iOS and Android eHarmony mobile app which can be downloaded for free. They have all the features available on the desktop version. The app also has fewer ads, and it is simple to use. Under the eHarmony application design, they made it consistent with the interface of the desktop version. It looks neat, and users can navigate through it quickly. Users can scroll through their matches and favorite lists rapidly. The eHarmony application is ideal for individuals who are often away from home. Through it, users can communicate with their matches from wherever they are. The profile pictures are not clear on the application; people who are on paid eHarmony membership are the only ones that see clear images. The cost of upgrading to premium eHarmony membership is the same both on the app and the desktop version.

The Design and Usability of the Website

The Design and Usability of the Website

eHarmony website has a user-friendly interface. And because the given features are not many, users can only view fewer icons and options at a menu bar. The design of eHarmony is minimalistic; the matches list is arranged on a grid. Only the age, location, and the name of the matches are shown below a blurred profile picture. The design of eHarmony is not up to date one. However, it is perfect if we are talking about simplicity and easy usage. It is arranged nicely, and there is no congestion on the platform. The labels people can find there are not complicated. It enables people who are new to dating websites to learn how to use the site faster. On eHarmony website pages, there are banners and adverts which encourage users to pay and enjoy more features. Users will never see any other kinds of adverts on this site apart from those that help you to get the premium membership.

eHarmony website has a simple design, and it is easy to navigate through it. The site is not congested like most dating websites. And even if you are new to online dating, you will know who to use the eHarmony website without any assistance. It is straightforward; everything is labeled clearly.

Eharmony Charges

The cost setup of the eHarmony website is straightforward. Like all other platforms offering dating services, there is both the free membership, which enables users to enjoy few features on this platform. To use the website more, a user needs to switch to a paid membership. eHarmony and two paid membership options. There is one for six months. Its charges are 245.70 dollars or 40.95 dollars per month. The other one is a one-year membership that costs 335.40 dollars or only 27.95 dollars per month. This second option enables users to save thirty percent of their money. eHarmony website prices are high compared to most dating platforms. But this is understandable because it is the most excellent dating platform ever. So, make the payment knowing you will be accessing a unique website with legit users.

The standard eHarmony plan:

Available features

  • View pictures of the matches.
  • Search users that don’t fall under one’s liking.
  • Get and send as many messages as you wish.
  • View the members that viewed your profile.


Three months: 179.85 dollars or 59.95 dollars each month. Six months: 209.70 dollars or 34.95 dollars each month. Twelve months: 239.40 dollars or 19.95 dollars each month. Premium eHarmony membership:

Extra features

  • Customized support from experts via phone calls.
  • Browsing matches without getting notices.
  • Getting read receipts on messages.
  • Getting features for twenty-four hours each month.


Three months: 209.65 dollars or 69.95 dollars each month. Six months: 251.70 dollars or 41.95 dollars each month. Twelve months: 299.40 dollars or 24.95 dollars each month.

The Free Membership versus the Paid Membership

Creating an account at the eHarmony platform will never require money. But when on the free membership, users get limited access. Users will just build a personality profile, see the pages of the users who match their preferences, and get new matches daily. When users switch to paid eHarmony membership, they can have all the features on the free plan plus more. The added features include sending as many messages as you want. You can see matches who are active, see many pictures, see who checked your profile, and use the mobile application. At the eHarmony website, users do not search for matches. The platform matches users with compatible individuals and leaves them to choose the ones they wish to communicate with. A match is selected as per a person’s personality test and profile settings. On average, there are ten selected matches daily. The paid eHarmony membership can additionally give users access to special features at the eHarmony website. These features include the What if game, which uses the compatibility system. It provides users thirty extra matches to choose from. The function additionally helps the eHarmony website know what its users like.

Making Payment

Making Payment

There are not many ways of making payments at the eHarmony website. The available methods include debit cards, credit cards, Paypal, Mastercard, and Visa. And just like in most dating platforms, if users do not switch off the automatic renewal option, they will go on paying any time the membership period ends.

Payment Methods

Payment at the eHarmony website is made through credit card, MasterCard, Visa, or Paypal. Safety and Security measures eHarmony website has TRUSTe’s Privacy Seal. It proves that it is compliant with the specified privacy policies. The site also uses the SSL or 3DES encryption for credit card transactions and protecting data. There are also other security measures taken to ensure the users, data, and financial details are safe. Besides all that, eHarmony utilizes a system referred to as RelyID. This eHarmony system verifies the identities of the users.

Is This Site a Scam?

There is no scam at the eHarmony platform, and you can check every eHarmony Review online to confirm this. Single users get their matches daily, and there are millions of active users on the site each day. Some people are already happily married, and they first met at this site.

Special Online Dating Features

There are not many new features on the eHarmony website, but you will get all the crucial features necessary for communicating. Most functions here are similar to those of other platforms that offer dating services. But the eHarmony Review ensured to come up with a few special features that make it perfect for its users.

These features include:

  1. Sending a smile When you look at your matches, you will notice a little smiley icon below their profile picture. If you click on it, the user will get a smile. It is used to trigger communication with a person you find interesting.
  2. Sending questions eHarmony allows users to send automated questions to initiate communication or keep people going. These questions are sent for free for all users, and you can send and reply to as many questions as you wish.
  3. Adding to favorites Just like in all dating platforms, eHarmony allows people to come up with a list of people they like. It is done by adding to your favorites through clicking a star icon found on the profile of the person you like. eHarmony website will let you see all your matches on the site, but you can narrow them down to those you like most by adding them to favorites.
  4. What if To get this eHarmony feature, you must pay. It will provide thirty additional matches who are not within your preference list. What this means is that a user will receive additional matches, thus getting more possible matches.


As seen from this eHarmony Review, eHarmony is the best platform to join, especially if you always meet the wrong people offline. It is not possible to search through the users on this platform; your options are limited here. But that should not discourage you from joining the site. It is the best place for people looking for serious partners. It is possible to get the perfect match here because the process of finding a match is done perfectly. But before joining the eHarmony website, you should think thoroughly about what you want. This platform will take a lot of your time and money, which you will regret losing in the end if you are not serious.

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