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Mingle2 Review 2023

Mingle2 Review 2023
About Site
Active Audience 80%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 25-35
Profiles 1 400 000
Reply Rate 90%
Ease of Use 7
Popularity 9.3
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Only the profiles that have been completed are displayed
  • Members can filter the audience that can contact them. To be clearer, you can do your settings so that only a particular group of members can message you i.e., age and gender
  • There is a message forum that is always active allowing members to interact
  • Its free package offers a lot more than every other dating site out there
  • The signing up procedure takes the least time
  • The mobile application comes in handy
  • A number of the popping ads are almost similar to the menu design of the platform in terms of color which can be a challenge to differentiate between the two
  • There is a very plain and shallow profile details offered that can keep you thinking if indeed your match is appropriate because it says little about them
  • The kind of results you get from searches don’t have in them a lot of information including the part indicating when they last used the site
  • There is no help desk to assist you in case you get stuck somewhere
  • There are a lot of advertisements that can nag the user
  • The number of inactive users is quite a lot
  • You cannot completely terminate your profile if you feel like so, the only available option is deactivation

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It’s always a hassle to find a partner if you’re the busy type since getting to know someone the old fashioned way will require a lot of time. Nonetheless, several investors noticed this gap in the market, and that’s why online dating platforms have been storming the internet recently. There are lots of considerations in terms of the particular person that you want for a partner, so let’s dig in this Mingle2 review to find out what it has in store for its members.

What is Mingle2

What is Mingle2?

Mingle2 is an online dating site where people of the same interests (in this case singles) seek potential partners. The Mingle2 website has gained its popularity due to the several unique features that it offers. However, for you to get a better experience, you should consider upgrading to a paid-for package since it will open doors to more possibilities of you to land a companion. Formerly referred to as JustSayhi, this online dating platform was developed in 2008 by Vanchau Nguyen, Mike Lee, and Matthew Inman. Furthermore, you got to know that as fast as 30 seconds, you can register for an account.

How Genuine Can You Say this Site is?

Well, concluding how legit the site is can be quite challenging since we have much to consider. As for the ratings on the Mingle2 reviews, it’s evident how much of a poor job that the site puts out there. There have been claims that female users message male users and send them links of other sites (referring to them as being better) only to be lured into a trap to eat up their credit card balances. So is it legit? Not!

What is the Members’ Composition on this Site

What is the Members’ Composition on this Site

In terms of accuracy in numbers, about 12 million singles are using Mingle2 all over the world. As for the number of new members, there has been a flat curve lying at the bottom of the graph, indicating that it no longer attracts users. There are 150 000 users situated in The US, and Mingle2 reviews identified 60 000 active members in a single week. The gents have quite flocked this site, dominating 60% of total users, and women complete the 40% on the lower end. Despite the data given by the site, the figures are still in doubt since there are many inactive accounts that you can’t tell if they participate anymore, or they just couldn’t delete their profiles.

What are the Sexuality and Genders are Accepted on the Site?

There’s enough room for anyone to be part of the Mingle2 community. If you have an interest in the opposite sex or if you just like your own, you can easily fit here. The developers further encourage that any member of the LGBT to get an account ASAP and start on with their dating experience. There is a selection on who you are interested in, and it is favorably compounded at the registration spot.

How Distributed are the Age Brackets?

Mingle2 reviews give a fairly good atmosphere to people of all ages, both young adults and seniors. The statistics range the ages from 18-24, 25-34, 35-44, 45-54, and 55+. The distribution is quite uniform, but the 25-34 bracket users make most of the members, and it beats the rest by a rather small margin. The number of men is almost constant all through except for the ones aged 25-34 who make the largest group in the user tally. As for the females, the 55+ ones are the least, and most of them are aged 25-34.

How Do You Register for an Account

How Do You Register for an Account?

As mentioned earlier, signing up is very simple and takes you about a minute to be done (depending on how fast you type). The first step is to key in your email address and then indicate your date of birth. You then state your gender, followed by the gender of the partner that you are seeking (this part has both icons meaning male and female). You’ll close off with indicating postal or zip code to complete the sign-up. You will then be required to clarify the type of relationship that you are seeking from the site. Choices include; looking for a date, a partner in activities, a mate, someone to form a relationship, or getting an intimate experience after which you can confirm the city you come from and then upload a photo (which is optional). When done, you can slide in to view the singles!!! Fast and exciting, right? You don’t use too much time before you can get to what brought you there.

Spicing Up Your Profile

You are now one step to finding yourself someone to have a good time with, but holding you back is your information. Although it’s regarded as shallow, there is a thing or two that you can learn from the information given in a particular profile. Your profile won’t be that much of a hassle to come up with as you start by indicating your gender. To follow up on that, you state your location and the type of your body.

Moving forward, you have to indicate whether you have children or not, after which you will indicate your drinking habits. Your ethnicity will come in after and who you seek as well. If you are good with words, this is where you’ll love most; the about me part. Pack in some great attributes about yourself to earn you extra points. You have to state what you are interested in. Your marital status will follow and your choice of profession as well. Be open about your religion and your smoking habits too. You will close off with quite a random question; would you want kids?

Going through that information, you should be as honest as possible because there can be a serious person out there, and they will be gutted to have known you if they find out all you did was lie about yourself.

How to Start Up a Conversation

To start with, the winning feature here is that communication in Mingle2 is unlimited amongst all users. Sending messages to anyone is free, and there is also a chat room where you can discuss issues with other members and also hold debates. Using the search feature, you can know which member is online and pop a text quickly to expect a fast reply. The member can send nudges, kisses, winks, hugs, or kicks in the butt to a preferred single without any cost. Messaging is as easy as searching for a user, then sending them a text.

Platforms that Mingle2 Can Be Used on

Platforms that Mingle2 Can Be Used on

Like most of the other online dating sites, Mingle2 can be accessed using any of your devices provided they can connect to the internet. From tablets to mobile phones, desktops to laptops, name it! You can either mingle with people through the app or by using the website, and they provide just the same amount of satisfaction.

Does the Site have a Desktop Version?

This can be a more convenient way if you are at home and want to stay at a particular spot. It further provides a bigger screen of views, which can make navigation easier. The services like searching for matches, messaging them, participating in chat rooms, and going through profiles can all be done comfortably on the website using your desktop.

The Mobile App

To be very specific, Mingle2 reviews reported that there had been about 5 million downloads of this app. The advantage of using the app is first the fact that you can freely move around with your mobile phone. This will enable you to keep tabs with guys in the chat room and also keep the conversations going with your matches by enabling the push notification feature. There is the advantage of going through some Mingle2 reviews on the Google Play or Apple Store before downloading the app to get to learn a thing or two from other users’ experiences. The mechanism of chatting in the app is way much better compared to that on the website. Although the app is free, there are a lot of ads that come along.

Design of Mingle2 and Usability of the Site

The design has no originality, for you can point out that it’s among the offered templates in the net. Nevertheless, on the upper side, this makes the website usability quite friendly since all the segments are easily accessible. Aside from that, the availability of numerous ads always popping makes it difficult to navigate through the website. This can bring about confusion since some of the ads are offering the same services, and one can mistakenly click and find themselves in a different destination.

In terms of going through the site, Mingle2 reviews suggest that the design used for developing the website is quite simple, and going through it doesn’t need much literacy. As long as you can read and write (basically anyone looking for love online ought to be able to do so), then it can be easy for you to do everything on the site. Even though it is bad that you can’t look for assistance, you will be good to go since nothing is challenging.

The Costs of Upgrades

The Costs of Upgrades

Despite having to be able to do a lot on your free subscription, you can also decide to upgrade to a paid-for package referred to as MinglePlus. For this particular package, you will get an additional feature that we shall discuss shortly. The packages are as follows; you will be charged $10 per month if you settle on the 3-month subscription which will amount to $30, $8 per month for the six months subscription amounting to $48, and $6 per month if you go for the annual subscription to total to $72. There is no offer for a shorter period nor a lifetime subscription.

Difference between the Free and Paid Subscriptions

Mingle2 reviews suggest that many would prefer to remain on the free subscription rather than upgrading to a paid-for one because it offers quite some features, but they would be missing out on what premium has to offer. Let’s take a look at what keeps people on the free side;

  • Ability to create a profile
  • You can be able to read testimonials of fellow users that will be present on your profile
  • You can access the list of your friends from your profile
  • There is an advantage of searching for profiles unlimitedly
  • You can easily go through as many photos and profiles as you would wish
  • You are at a position of seeing who has visited or viewed your profile
  • Addition of friends is enabled
  • You can include users in your list of favorites
  • You can freely use the MutualMatch feature
  • Being part of and also contributing to forums
  • Ability to send nudges
  • Holding conversations
  • Sending instant messages.

While all that may seem enough, Mingle2 reviews also mention that upgrading can help you enjoy;

  • Ability to notice who has liked you in the MutualMatch section
  • Having the ability to ghost through profiles
  • Getting to know the status of the messages you’ve sent, whether read or not
  • Unlike how free subscription deletes your messages every month, you can keep your messages when you upgrade
  • Increases how much your profile is visited by 300% through listing your profile fast during searches.
How You Can Make Your Payments

How You Can Make Your Payments?

The only way you can use to pay for a Mingle2 premium subscription is via PayPal.

The Payment System

There is a non-refundable policy for any payments made, so you better be careful while using your PayPal because you’re not getting any compensation. You would also want to reconsider upgrading since it doesn’t make that much of a difference compared to enjoying it free. Payments are also constant, and they don’t change unless there is a special offer.

Safety Concerns and Security Issues

In terms of meetups, the site encourages members to consider meeting up in a public place and drive or take a taxi to the agreed spot. This is to avoid any inconveniences since there is little information about a person on their profile. That same feature helps individuals maintain their privacy, and they can only share more details with interested parties.

Is it a Scam

Is it a Scam?

Mingle2 has no proper means and approaches to checking and verifying users’ profiles; thus, bots and fraudsters can freely come in and do their thing. Similarly, the point of having many ads seems that the focus is more on the advertising side than helping users make connections. The ratings suggest so since several users have reported con-persons through the Mingle2 reviews.

What makes it Outstanding?

MutualMatch – This feature presents you with random match suggestions that you might be interested in. This helps solve hassle you can go through trying to search for members one by one.



It’s one thing to want a partner for whichever reasons, and it is a whole different scenario to use a proper means to do so. Why would you go for the costly sites and restricted ones while you can easily settle for free and offer a great number of features? As you hold that thought, do you want to get a hookup, friend, or probably a partner in life? Have you tried using Mingle2 to meet those wants? If so, how was the experience? If not, would you? Leave a comment!

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