Victoria-Hearts Review 2024

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Dating platforms have what it takes it to make our future more promising — if, of course, they take the online dating process with all seriousness. Could Victoria Hearts be one of those rare sites that do offer a chance to meet your soulmate? Find out in our review below.

Victoria Hearts in a nutshell:

  • The quick and easy registration process
  • Basic features are free of charge
  • Special features come with a free trial
  • High security and data protection
  • Plenty of features, including communication, are not free

Victoria Hearts already has some experience in the dating niche as this site has been operating since 2013. Over the years, this Californian startup quirky gained plenty of users not only in the US but also in other major English-speaking countries, including the UK, Canada, Australia, and — on top of that — Germany.

The main idea behind Victoria Hearts is to find a soulmate. Site owners and admins are pretty sure that cultural and geographical distances are no limit for love, so this service does place a focus on long-lasting relationships, not quick hookups.

As of today, Victoria Hearts community has over 13 million users coming from all over the world. When it comes to ladies’ profiles, it looks like most of them come from Ukraine. However, this is not exclusively a Ukrainian dating platform — you can find women from plenty of other countries as well.

As already mentioned, Victoria Hearts caters to lasting relationships, and most of its features revolve around this idea. A glance at the site does prove that Victoria Hearts appeals to our romantic side. Still, the question is — will it offer the long-distance dating and flirting features we’re looking for? Find out the answer, along with details about this service logic and operation below.

Registering with Victoria Hearts

Registering with Victoria Hearts

Signing up Victoria Hearts is quick and simple, even though the registration happens the old-fashioned way — with an email, rather than with social media login. After including your email address and agreeing with Victoria Hearts policies, you’ll be sent a confirmation email. Once a new user clicks on the link, a new account is activated, but the signup process is not yet finished. For proceeding with using the service, one is expected to answer a quick questionnaire. Those are nine questions that describe your perfect date. Next, you are to mention some essential facts about yourself — age, height, marital status, kids, and so on.

After answering the most basic 13 questions about your personality, new members are shown several user profiles. The goal is to pick a picture you like most — and you should really do it carefully because these answers determine your match-making algorithms. So, don’t rush and click wisely.

After all, the graphs have been filled, and the choices have been made, new confirmed users are redirected to Victoria Hearts main page. This page already shows you a range of prospective matches — based on the criteria you filled in previously. Each potential match picture comes with a photo, a name, age, and country.

As you look at your potential matches list, you will find that most women come from Ukraine. Even though Victoria Hearts partners up with a whole range of international marriage services, a fair share of these agencies do come from Ukraine. Still, do not be disappointed by a rather limited selection — from what we’ve seen while testing Victoria Hearts, Ukrainian matches are gorgeous and witty. So, there is a big chance that one of them can be that perfect lady you’re looking for.

Bear in mind that Victoria Hearts will allow you to look at the profile selection without any fuss and right after the registration. However, they will ask for an ID confirmation later on. Most men can skip this stage, but we advise against it. For starters, verified profiles look more credible and clearly indicate that a user is serious about finding a match. In addition, members with verified info can ask for other users’ contact details, which is another huge bonus. Victoria Hearts will lead you through all verification procedures step-by-step, but essentially, it all goes down to sending a photo of your ID.

Ladies’ profiles are verified without any exception. It, however, is not precisely the site’s responsibility, but rather the local agencies Victoria Hearts is dealing with. All women who register with this service submit a copy of their ID to regional managers, while the latter ones take care of any remaining details. Such local agencies are called ‘Suppliers,’ and their activity (along with the information they provide) is carefully monitored by Victoria Hearts management.

Contacting Other Users

Contacting Other Users

Victoria Hearts is not hiding its female users away — right after the registration. Men already have free access to several profiles that meet their search criteria. Most of the accounts we’ve seen from our test user (and our test match-making setup) were attractive.

However, when it comes to meeting the woman of your dreams, things do get a bit complicated. Like most other dating services out there, Victoria Hearts allows sending a wink or like to any person you find attractive. Those initial getting in touch means are free; when it comes to the actual messaging, though, one is expected to pay.

Victoria Hearts uses a per-credit payment system. Credits are, essentially, virtual coins you buy with real money. Practically all communication options on Victoria Hearts are to be paid for: sending messages, watching videos and listening to the audio, starting video chats, etc. So, the more you use, the more you will have to pay. We’ll get to the prices a bit later in this review, but so far, one thing is important — every communication means you’re using will cost you.

It is, however, quite easy to choose communication options you prefer and switch between them — for example, from letters to chat, and from text chat to video one. As a bonus, Victoria Hearts offers men a chance to surprise their lady with a gift. There is a dedicated button, “send flowers and presents” under each profile. All presents are real and are delivered to the lady via a local agency.

All data about your communication means is available under the ‘My Statistics’ tab. Apart from messages (sent and received), it will include any contact or meeting requests from other users. Finally, you will see a list of users who visited, liked your account, or added you to their favorites’ list.

A separate feature worth mentioning is the translation option. Since most women come from Ukraine, a language barrier might become an issue. So, the ‘Supplier’ — that is, the local dating agency — is providing women with real-life translators. This feature does not cost gentlemen anything, but just keep in mind that you can ask a girl to request a translator if you find her written English far from satisfactory.

Finally, a new user will not be disappointed with the ladies’ attention and activity on Victoria Hearts. Our test profile got almost a hundred messages within a day — and most of them seemed to make sense and show genuine interest. Some notes seemed a bit careless, of course. But since they, too, came from verified members, we have to assume that different ladies have different communication styles.

Profile Details

Profiles on Victoria Hearts and all essential information is easily accessible for all users. Viewing and reading profile info is free of charge. The only exception is watching videos (if any) on the user profile page. To access those, one will have to pay with credits. However, everything that’s truly important for finding a date — height, age, occupation, hobbies, etc. — can be preview without spending a single dime.

When users submit a photo of their ID, they get a verified batch, which seriously boosts their profile credibility. However, checked or non-verified — all users see the same profile info. It is, however, essential to fill in a questionnaire during the registration. Your answers and preferences will be reflected on your account, so the ladies will have a chance to see if you two are looking for the same thing.

It is also possible to block or report any user profile. If, for example, you do not want to receive any messages from a troublesome lady, choose a ‘block’ option. ‘Report’ button usually implies that you’re not certain in the authenticity of a specific profile. So, do not choose it unless you have strong doubts about the lady’s identity or intentions. You will have to fill a very detailed description of why you believe a specific account to be a fraud. Only in this case, the admins will run a security check on the user in question.

Since we already started on the subject of security, we must say that Victoria Hearts takes this matter with all seriousness. All messaging and personal data are encrypted. Besides, admins do run security checks on reported profiles. So, we’d say that Victoria Hearts does invest a lot in the overall user experience and protection from fraud.

Special Features

Special Features

The mere fact that Victoria Hearts updates your potential matches list is already a special perk. It’s hard to imagine someone who would quickly get bored with this site — especially given how many beautiful women profiles become available every single day. However, there are more perks to benefit from this international dating service.


Victoria Hearts runs regular Beauty Contest for the ladies. You can see the 24 winners in blazing red gowns after the competition is complete.

You do not necessarily have to use manual search because a list of potential matches updates every day. However, if you want to get into more detail or make any changes to your registration preferences, advanced search is for you. Here, you can indicate every little parameter that comes to mind and see a list of ‘narrowed down’ matches.


Victoria Hearts will show you profile pics with two options — Like and Skip. The functionality is not new — Tinder has become famous for this feature. Still, such a game-like feature gets you closer to your ideal partner with every like or skip.

Instant Messages

With a maximum amount of 300 characters, these messages offer a quick and easy way to establish some initial contact with the prospective matches. These messages are all in one place, so you will not have any difficulty finding your quick chats.


If you are into long and meaningful conversation, internal emails on Victoria Hearts ensure just that. Here, both you and your prospective partner get a chance to express yourself fully. And, if the lady is using a translator’s services, this is the easiest way to establish a lasting and meaningful connection — without any language difficulties.


It is your finance section. Here, you can check any coins you have left for communicating with the ladies and top up your account if the credits are low.

My Statistics

An easy way to keep track of everything that’s going on with Victoria Hearts. Messages, profile visits, likes & winks — they all can be found in this tab. Information about contact requests and gifts is also available in the same section.

Mobile Version

Even though there is no dedicated app for Victoria Hearts on any of the major platforms, there is a web version, optimized for mobile. It runs perfectly well on all smartphones and ensures a good user experience even without a laptop at hand.

Both the design and functionality of Victoria Hearts’ mobile version are very close to the full, desktop version of the site. Mobile functions are not at all limited, and you can see the same essential profile info on both versions of the website. Pictures, basic profile info, even videos — they are all present on the mobile as well.

My Statistics tab is also there, so you can easily keep track of your profile activity even on the go. If you need any special features, you will find absolutely all of them at the bottom of the browser. The upper part has an icon with all new notifications.

All in all, Victoria Hearts mobile version is one of those rare examples when desktops functionality is not at all compromised. Sure, you will not have such a good look at the pics (in contrast to full-screen experience), but aside from that, the mobile version is perfectly usable.

Victoria Hearts Design & User-Friendliness

Victoria Hearts is a highly user-friendly service that is self-explainable and does not call for any tech skills. All features are in the right places, and it’s easy to access pretty much any functional feature a user may need.

Victoria Hearts design is pretty great, too. It features a combination of two classic colors — black (for headers) and light grey (for website background). The scheme is unobtrusive and not at all flashy. At the same time, Victoria Hearts has a classy, distinctly modern look.

One of the best things about Victoria Hearts design and functionality is the way they emphasize user profiles. All photos are big and catch the eye. A profile thumbnail always comes with the basic user info and primary contacting options. So, aside from an eye-catching pic, you also see who this person is and — what’s even more important — have a chance to reach out immediately.

My Statistic tab, with all the messages and essential account info, is conveniently placed. So, you’ll have no trouble finding this insightful communication node.

Mobile Version

Member Stats & Structure

Victoria Hearts is a website that focuses on long-term heterosexual relationships, catering to single men and women looking for a good match. The international specifics of this service imply that none of the people involved minds a partner from a foreign country. Your prospective match country is visible right under the profile pic, along with the name, user ID, and age.

Currently, Victoria Hearts has a database of 14 million users, and most women come from Ukraine. The majority of men using this service live in the US. The United Kingdom, Canada, the Netherlands, and Germany fall a little behind the US male audience, but the number of visitors from those countries is still impressive. When it comes to age demographics, most users are somewhere between 25 and 34 years of old — a classic, most active age group in the online dating world.

Typically, users are very active on the platform; for starters, over 140 thousand unique people log in the service every single day. And they do not just log in and do nothing — they actively communicate on the platform. Even on the first day of running our little filed test, we received dozens of messages that seemed very detailed and specific. Another significant advantage is that none of these messages contradicted the essence of the platform — incoming letters were insightful, meaningful, and seemed to revolve around establishing a real connection. Besides, plenty of these emails included photos and videos, which does show the effort involved.

All in all, we must say that Victoria Hearts audience knows why they’re here — to find a long-term partner, preferably from abroad. Most users are active and remain polite, so we assume that this platform does offer a chance to find someone special.

Prices & Payment Methods

Victoria Hearts is not the cheapest dating platform out there, even though it is not the most expensive one either. For starters, you are supposed to pay for literally every service you used, so your end bill is always fair and square. Unlike sites that offer a fixed price subscription (with some features you end up not using), with Victoria Hearts, you always know what you’re paying for.

One credit costs $0.49, and one outgoing letter requires ten credits. So, you end up paying five bucks for every message. Viewing a photo is also ten credits while watching videos are pricier — 50 credits. Live chats are two credits a minute.

The upside is that when you buy credits in bulk, you get a chance to save quite a lot of cash. A purchase of 750 credits costs just $150 instead of $374. Buying smaller batches of credits (from one to fifty) is not that budget-wise if you plan to stay with Victoria Hearts for a while. It can, however, offer you a preview of what it’s like to use this service. And, we suggest doing that to see if the site is right for you.

Currently, Victoria Hearts accepts only credits cards. Besides, they offer a chance to save your payment preferences. For example, with an automatic account top-up, you do not have to bother with manual payments. Anytime your account balance runs low, your credit card is billed automatically, and you enjoy interrupted dating experience.

The refund policy is also quite fair. Should you decide, for example, to permanently close your account, any unused credits will be refunded. You can also ask for a refund if:

  • you have been scammed (you will need to provide reliable proof of that),
  • your gift did not arrive on time, and now you want to cancel it,
  • your meeting request got canceled
  • the site did not deliver some of the features you paid for.

As for the features you get for your money’s worth, we already mentioned the basics — credits give you a chance to communicate with all ladies. Non-paying users do have an opportunity to look around, make use of the search system, preview other people’s profiles, and even send winks to other users. They can also access a gift shop to see available delivery options. But, meaningful communication on Victoria Hearts is reserved for paying members. Those with a stack of credits can send messages, start live chats, see photos and videos, and — of course — send gifts.

Takeaway on Victoria Hearts

Victoria Hearts is one of those sites that actually do their best to connect single people. If you are looking for a long-term, meaningful relationship with someone from a foreign country, this site could be a great fit. With over 140 thousand active users a day, it does ensure good chances of meeting someone special.

One more thing that deserves mention is that, on Victoria Hearts, people do not get shy about their feeling and intentions. While the communication does not have any explicit erotic context, Victoria Hearts singles are very open about their feelings and expectations from a future partner. Most of them seem to be looking for a good match and are very hopeful of finding one with this platform.

Most letters on Victoria Hearts are, indeed, love letters — sincere, emotional, and detailed. It may sound a bit old-fashioned, but it actually offers something new — especially if you consider the overwhelming amount of meaningless hookup sites out there.

As far as security is concerned, Victoria Hearts is safe in terms of tech and in terms of audience. 128bit SSL encryption protects all of your private and financial data, while local marriage agencies validate all female users on the spot. Sure, the idea of partnering up with local dating agencies is not precisely new. Still, Victoria Hearts takes this cooperation to a new level.

Simply put, Victoria Hearts offers a shot at finding the love of your life — or, at least, a wife you will be able to come to terms with. If that is what you are looking for, Victoria Hearts deserves checking out.